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My name is Mark Stockstill and I work for Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center in Perris, CA. as the
Maintenance Manager.

Lowe’s has completed two different projects using Cortech Construction (John Gimenez) as the General
Contractor. In both instances the projects were completed successfully and within the allotted
timeframe. The projects completed required very good communication and coordination with
contractors to ensure everything was orderly at the work site.

John did an excellent job of keeping me informed of issues along the way and would do everything
possible to avoid extra expenses related to the project. He followed up daily on all contractors and
ensured their work was completed with the highest standards of quality in mind. John is extremely
dependable, trustworthy, honest and cares a great deal about the service he is providing to his

Lowe’s would not hesitate in the least to use Cortech for future projects.

Mark Stockstill, Maintenance Manager, Lowe's Home Improvement, RDC 966

It is with great confidence that I put forward this recommendation of Cortech Construction,
Inc. and its President John Gimenez.

Cortech Construction has recently completed the construction of our newest Ice Rink Facility
in the city of Carlsbad CA., at a cost of approximately $1,400.00.00.

Cortech genuinely shared our commitment to the project and helped foster that same
commitment with Subcontractors. It should be noted that this project was undertaken
with demanding schedule requirements. Working in concert with Cortech we were able to
quickly establish a high level of trust between Contractor/Owner which is critical when
construction is moving quickly.

I was personally impressed with the efforts and abilities of Cortech’s personnel. From the
start of the project Cortech brought energy, attention to detail and a genuine concern for the
well-being of the project. When problems arose they offered practical solutions and
where changes and costs were involved I felt that the claims presented or negotiated were
fair. Working with Cortech I felt that we were always working together for the project’s best

What you can expect from Cortech Construction is a streamlined, honest process built upon
open communication and thorough market/industry knowledge that dramatically
simplifies the construction process.

We will recommend and look forward to working with Cortech Construction on future
projects. If you would like to speak directly about our experience with Cortech on our project
don’t hesitate to contact me.

Alex Dunaev, President, Icetown

I highly recommend John Gimenez, of Cortech Construction as a general contractor for your project.

We have completed a 7200 sqft tenant improvement at 7379 Indiana Avenue in Riverside. We commenced this project just after Labor Day 2013 and moved in over the New Year. You are welcome to come visit the new office yourselves. I had a great experience with John for the following reasons: 1) He personally supervised the project on a daily basis and did whatever was needed to get the job well done expeditiously, 2) He was careful to work with my budget 3) He is honest, trustworthy and ethical and 4) He found the problems and had a solution before I did.

Mr. Gimenez came into the project after it had just begun. There were days John was on the job site for 18 hours. He insists on a clean job site and quality work. The subcontractors that work for him understand what he requires. He is a very intelligent man with a strong, broad base of experience in his field. Based off my experience with him, I am certain there are few men in his business that possess his work ethic and honesty.

Once again, please visit the new office or call me anytime if you have any questions at (909) 815-8906. You will not regret your decision to employ Cortech Construction.

Cheryl Everitt, O.D., 20/20 Vision Optometry

I want to write and thank you for your contribution to the recent remodel project at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church. This past Sunday we had our ‘big reveal’. We invited our congregation to take guided tours of our renovated facilities. I heard comments like, ’This far exceeded my expectations’, and ‘I tried to imagine what our building would look like when we finished, but I am amazed at the transformation our buildings have experienced in such a short time’.

I wanted to thank you for the concern for quality workmanship you exhibited in overseeing Phase 1 of our remodel project. Our facilities are not only more appealing, but can be used much more effectively. Thank you for your part in making our dream a reality. We look forward to working with you on Phase 2 of this project.

Jack Hawkins, Building Committee Chairperson, Magnolia Baptist Church

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Cortech Construction.

I have been working with John, owner or Cortech, for a period of over 15 years in projects ranging from apartment-to-hotel conversions, apartment building renovations, and most recently, in 2008, a ground up remodel and tenant improvement of an 18,000 square foot office building. This project consisted of new office building space on the second floor and restaurants and a liquor store on the ground floor. The scope of these projects has ranged from $800,000 to over $1.5 million.

Along with John’s superb handling of and relentless dedication to the construction phase from start to finish, his ability to successfully address all changes and unforeseen challenges while adhering to the schedule was always a key to the success of all of our projects.

I can honestly say that all my dealings with John have been nothing but professional, direct, honest, and that every expectation set has been delivered upon as promised.

Joe Comesana, President, Greenview Investments, Inc.

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for John Gimenez or Cortech Construction. Trademark Plastics, Incorporated is family owned and operates as an injection plastic molding facility that is state of the art located in Riverside, California.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. John Gimenez for the past several years. Many of our projects throughout the years have been performed under very challenging circumstances. John and his team have performed their duties and responsibilities with diligence to meet project deadlines. Their ability to anticipate and prevent problems before they transpire played a key role in getting the job done properly and on time.

Among many good attributes, quality, attention to detail, professional work, and a courteous attitude helps distinguish Cortech Construction among other contractors.

It is unusual in this day and age to find a contractor who truly becomes part of your team and looks out for the best interest of the company. Mr. John Gimenez and his company Cortech Construction is one of those unique contractors.

I would highly recommend Cortech Construction.

Bryan Graves, CFO, Trademark Plastics, Inc.

I want to thank you so much for the lovely kitchen you have created for us. It was such a pleasure working with you over the past few months to the design the kitchen of our dreams and then to have your work turn out so beautifully.

Your attention to detail is incredible and the design and craftsmanship are superb in every way, creating a remarkable, attractive result.

The process of renovating a kitchen is never easy. We learned to live among the boxes in the living room and eat take-out from the end of our coffee table for a few weeks, but once the work was done and everything was put back in place, the memory of the discomfort quickly faded away and now we have a truly beautiful, efficient, up-to-date kitchen to enjoy and show off to our friends. Thanks again.

David Stanford, M.D., Home Owner

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all your efforts in building my home on 5801 Royale Place in Riverside.

It was very comfortable working with your professional, caring, and personal approach to dealing with new clients. You provided the best value of any of the contractors I interviewed and best of all, you delivered what you promised.

Throughout the building process you took great pride in your workmanship with an impressive attention to detail. The quality of the kitchen and bathrooms are outstanding and your quality of work is second to none.

The finished product exceeds all of my expectations. Please feel free to share these sentiments with your prospective clients.

Chony Fernandez, Home Owner